MK Storyline Creative Writing Contest with Cash Prize!

"UNWRITTEN KOMBAT"...We all have had our own desired outcomes of various plot twists after playing the stories in our beloved series, Mortal Kombat.  During the MKA days I had eight Kreate-A-Fighter characters saved and made bios and ending stories for all of them..a female-version of Kung Lao, a new apprentice to Raiden, a new ruler of Edenia, etc.


Now, here is your chance to be heard!


Change history..Form alternate alliances..Introduce new characters..the sky's the limit on your creativity. However, there is a limit on the story submission, a 1,000-word limit!


The deadline to submit your "Mortal Kombat" storyline is April 19th, 2014


All submissions MUST be submitted via email ( or forum private message to IICassiel or myself (Stormy) to preserve the originality of all submissions.


After the deadline for submissions, a public poll will be posted and the community will vote on their favorite story! Contestants will also be given aliases to encourage fair voting. Voting will end April 26, 2014


TOP PRIZE: $20 (PSN Card or MS Points equivalent)

In the event of a tie, IICassiel or myself will issue the tie-breaking vote.

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