HOAXES & COAXES: Phenomenon of Anticipation


Whether you are in your thirties like IICassiel and I, or a "millennial" like most gamers, you can appreciate the sensationalism of the "Willy Wonka" story and the excitement of something new and promising while various hoax distractions sully yet at the same time intensify the anticipation of a social phenomenon. In this case, I am referring to the increasing anticipation of a new "Mortal Kombat" game from Warner Bros. that has been on the minds and in the hearts of fans for over a year now.


Generally, the "hoaxes" related to a given game will appear in the media BEFORE a definitive announcement of a given game, and the "coaxes" usually are attempts to further promote a game post-announcement or even post-launch (again, "generally"..). So far, we have heard of the rumor that MK10 would be released November 22, 2015 based off a quickly appearing and disappearing announcement from an Italian website. Considering the fact that this date falls on a Saturday, and an unlikely day for a game release, even overseas, it was concluded that this was a mere hoax. Disappointing, sure, but these little bread crumbs of hope, just a little something to chew over, only make us hungrier for the game.


IF there is to be an MK10 announced, the question on everyone's mind will be the initial roster for the game's launch. Eventually, it could be assumed that DLC would be introduced to the game in the efforts to up the ante of what will likely already be an amazing roster at launch.  Ironically, IICassiel once told me of an instance where he was in a MK9 King of the Hill almost three years ago and said " I think NRS should have only introduced 8-10 characters at launch".."the other 20 or so characters released about several more per quarter, etc."..The entire Hill berated him for this idea and said that NRS would never bother to do that and asked what the purpose would be of those actions, etc. Essentially, IICassiel's point was that he felt that the life of the game would have been prolonged..the launch roster was "too much game, too soon". If you think about it, the launch rosters are becoming shorter and DLC is being introduced further and in longer increments of time. Injustice and Killer Instinct for example are fighters that were/are stretching out the time between their DLC launches . In my opinion, it is not out of the realm of possibility that NRS will adopt this same model for MK 10 in the event that MK10 is released, and in theory, coax fans into staying with the game for longer periods of time.


Not that I am insinuating that Warner Bros. was behind any of the media hoaxes but I think to some degree it still creates an atmosphere for anticipation that will only intensify in time and will ultimately initiate a new wave of hysteria once the game is actually announced and launched (assuming it is lol)...

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