"Dojo5": A 5-Minute Snapshot of Uncut Training

So after three years of not taking myself as serious as I should have and coupled by surrounding myself with toxic "friends" who were not genuinely interested in enriching my training, it is back to square one for me.  I have decided to take an in-depth look at how well I utilize my time training in the dojo.


The plan was to identify problems I had been dealing with during matches such as: dropped combos, little to no mix-up game, etc.  For today, I decided to concentrate on linking the NJP's (neutral jump punches) in with my combos and resets.  I need to work on my mid-screen game too but for now I will work on the corner game where Baraka is the strongest.  After my hour was over, I decided to try and keep only five of the one-minute recordings that I felt would create the best "summary" of the training session.  Unfortunately, I got "erase happy" and accidentally erased one too many so it's actually "Dojo4" :(



The picture above is not as clear as I would like, but the photo was merely posted as proof that this was done in the same day within a one hour time frame.  All future sessions will be done in the same format.


In the first two recordings below, I only attempted to learn the muscle-memory for the NJP portion of: "JIP (jump in punch), B31, NJP, U3, B31..."

I struggled to connect the NJP for some reason..perhaps I was too anxious and not allowing the opponent to be launched high enough?


Dojo 1: http://tinypic.com/r/2m516pv/8

Dojo 2: http://tinypic.com/r/x3z9qc/8

Dojo 3: http://tinypic.com/r/11rt05e/8

Dojo 4: http://tinypic.com/r/k4xvkj/8


As you can see, after an hour I became more comfortable with the NJP's and combo resets.  In addition, I was dropping less of the 40%+ combos as well.  In Dojo 1, I had linked 55% of the NJP's and in Dojo 4, I had linked 75% of the NJP's and connected two un-dropped combos of decent size in the reset.


Nothing "earth-shattering", but I still walked away from my hour feeling more accomplished that I have in three years of playing MK9.  I had to start with having it brought to my attention that I was not training properly and that reinvention was mandatory.  I look forward to working harder, strengthening a new foundation, and continuing to surround myself with individuals who will help me along the way and grow together. 

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