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Stormy's Channel banner featuring "B. Orchid"!
Stormy's Channel banner featuring "B. Orchid"!

IICassiel's Channel:


Stormy's Channel:


Well friends, as you can see, we are just now getting acquainted with our new console, and all of the fascinating tools now available to us.  The RL founders each have their own stream channels but we often will be on the same channel especially for KI streaming.  Streaming story runs, trial attempts, and dojo sessions while interacting with our viewers will serve a great purpose in providing fun, entertainment and learning, as well as generating productive feedback.

IICassiel's KI main, Chief Thunder!
IICassiel's KI main, Chief Thunder!

Going back to a point that was recently made on the RED LANTERN Facebook page, RL is indeed moving into another direction from our original plan to support Mortal Kombat 9. Here are a few words from IICassiel and his point-of-view on the matter:


"I could express my point and one day soon I will expand upon this, basically MK will have to exceed the quality of Killer Instinct for me to turn my head and I mean exceed and sustain on all fronts from programming, gameplay, character roster, not trying to be an Activision blood sucking DLC monster ( Look at Injustice Superman skins. ) NRS works toward a more passionate relationship with their community, I don't expect these things to actually come to fruition, just a short list of expectations."

Nonetheless, RL will press on and venture into a new fighter and also seek enjoyment in other gaming genres as well.   Again, we are new to this console and taking our clan on a new path so in the meantime we ask for your patience and respect.

"THIEF" on XBoxOne
"THIEF" on XBoxOne

This stealthy game caught us by surprise...while at our local GameStop stop we tried to find a game that we both could enjoy.  This game has an option setting for "voice detection" via Kinect and while the mic is on if you speak too loud while playing you this game, your actual voice will alert the guards in the game!  It makes for a unique experience while gaming but if we are streaming Thief, please be advised that the stream will not be a talkative one due to this added feature, save breaks while at the pause menu, etc.  But the stream will still be enjoyable as IICassiel prefers to play in first-person perspective, so viewing the stream will be like being in the game with the player as well..when he is caught by the guards, you feel like you've been busted as well!



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