WELCOME! Introducing: RL Deathless

"The greatest patience is humility"...This phrase was revealed after cracking open a fortune cookie after ordering in Chinese to the office last week.  IICassiel often reminds that I need to first humble myself and exercise patience not only when fighting but in many real-life aspects as well.  


New to the game Killer Instinct on XB1, we have welcomed a new member who exudes patience but will also humble himself to fight the greatest players that step in his path.  Proudly hailing from Hawaii, with great honor and pride, RL welcomes its newest member "RL Deathless".  


Deathless mains Glacius, but his Spinal is nothing to scoff at either..., and with great skill and patience can adapt and execute combos and mix-ups using the majority of the cast.  This player always strives to improve his gameplay, and is never content with simply "winning". But don't mistake his modesty, and class for weakness...this player will certainly put you in your place and "Freeze those salty tears".


IICassiel and I are glad to have him aboard and with all of our RL family they will have a few words written about them upon becoming official.  Congratulations, and again, welcome to RL!


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    Deathless808 (Sunday, 01 June 2014 17:02)

    Awesome! Thanks guyz!!

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